How To Spread The Diwali Happiness Generously?

How To Spread The Diwali Happiness Generously?

Shopping malls and online stores have come up with the latest Diwali sale for you. And why not, after all this is the time when you should be shopping till the last moment and enhance your happiness! But have you given a thought about how the underprivileged people spend their Diwali? It is time that we started thinking off the track. If you really feel that something is to be done to help them this festive season, here are some ways you can do this!

How To Spread The Diwali Happiness Generously?
How To Spread The Diwali Happiness Generously?

4 Ways To Spread The Diwali Happiness Generously:

1. Feed a life

We all gorge on the best food from the top-notch restaurants during Diwali. Little do we remember that there are a lot of people in our country, who spend nights without food. For them, Diwali has no significance. This Diwali, feed lives and share your happiness with the poor.

2. Give away clothes

While you will be buying two or even five sets clothes for yourselves, there will be kids who stay naked for their whole lives. You can come to help these children with the warmth of a clothing this festive season. Not that you will have to buy these children new clothes. You can donate the clothes that have been used by you.

3. Share toys

Share the used toys of your children with the less privileged ones. You can also involve your own young ones in this activity, which will remain a good example for them.

4. Be a sponsor

Believe it or not, sponsoring a child does not take much. Far from what you earn, you could actually donate only 1 percent of your earnings to NGOs, who will take care of a child for an entire month.

You can take small steps towards a big change and see the downtrodden section of your own country spend Diwali with a little joy.

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