How to overcome the fear of feedback

As human beings we all love to be complemented. But, the moment we are criticized we start feeling bad, Isn’t it? And because of this, we start to avoid taking the feedback. We don’t want to feel bad or low. That is the fear of feedback, the moment you get the thought, ‘what if it’s a negative one!’

How to overcome the fear of feedback
How to overcome the fear of feedback | image:tumblr

We must learn to overcome the fear of feedback and therefore, here are some tips to overcome the fear of feedback:

Realize that it is a gift:

Most of the times we think that feedbacks are negative. Start thinking it as a gift and you will like it. The feedback will help you to improve. If you start taking feedback as negative, probably you will never be able to learn something new.

A way to improve:

You need to have a mindset to accept the feedback. Be it a positive feedback or a negative one, have a mindset to accept it. This will ensure that you aren’t hurt as your mind is already prepared.

Awareness leads to change:

All of us have flaws but ¬†how long can we live with it? There are times when we aren’t aware of our flaws as well. When somebody points out at us, we need to be thankful to the person. Feedback is a way to bring change in us. Just accept the way you are and bring the necessary changes.

Respond appropriately:

When we aren’t prepared for a negative feedback, we tend to respond negatively. We are rude with the other person as we do not like to hear negative comments about self. We must never react immediately or insult the other person as it would ruin the relationship. Hence respond appropriately.

Follow up:

When someone gives you a feedback, think about it. Do not immediately agree to it. If you feel that the other person is right, make a plan and bring the necessary changes.

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