Keep Technology Quiet At Night
Keep Technology Quiet At Night

How To Keep Technology Quiet At Night?

It is next to impossible to depart from our electrical gadgets during the day as well as night. Most of us surf internet till you pass. That is so bad for our health. It not just affects our eyes in a bad way but also affects our brains.

Sleep mode on your computers:

If you still use your computer and do not have the habit of switching it off every now and then, you can turn it to sleep mode. The option is right there on your screen. Use it before it disturbs you during the night.


I easily get distracted even by the slightest blink of the light. Be it your router or modem, just turn them off. If you do not want to do that, get a duct tape and use it on the router. Your problem will be sorted out. Ensure that you unplug the electrical gadgets from the charging plug or else the light might distract you.

Phones on vibrate:

You can always turn your phone into vibrate mode. I usually prefer keeping it in the silent mode as the slightest of noise is enough to distract my sleep. Also, if you want to sleep peacefully, you should be away from your smartphones. You might receive a FaceBook notification or whatsapp ping, thus, let your phone be in silent mode to avoid all these distractions.

No TV:

People have this weird habit of watching TV till late nights. The rays from this electronic device is sure to hamper your sleeping pattern. Ensure that you are away from the idiot box at least an hour before you hit the bed.

Thus, try sleeping early so that your next day is better. Secondly connect with yourself by disconnecting yourself with the technology. You will a lot more better and can plan up things.

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