Diwali, the festival of lights is only a few away! I know most of you must have started doing Diwali shopping. Cashing on the season many companies online and offline offer various discounts to attract people. Many people buy the products and unable to repay making them bankrupt leads to many unimaginable things. So, it will be a wise decision to save money and shop smart. And trust me, it’s not difficult to keep your expenses under control this Diwali.

Keep Expenses Under Control This Diwali
Keep Expenses Under Control This Diwali | image source – gettingyourich.com

5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Expenses Under Control During Diwali

1. Make a Diwali shopping list

Note down which things your family requires and set a budget. List all the expenses for buying dress materials, sweets, crackers, curtains, and household materials. Allocate funds for distribution to the postman, security man, your house maid. Budgeting in advance will save your money a lot.

2. Go online to buy dress materials

This is an internet age, so use the technology to buy dress materials, since they offer discounts and reward points.

3. Choose alternate routes to decorate the house

Instead of going for the painting of your home, consider alternate methods to decorate. You can rearrange the furniture’s, or changing cushion covers, or adorn walls with wall decals.

4. Make sweets in your home

When Diwali bells ring in the air, first thing that strike in everyone’s mind is sweets. Try to make sweets in your home, instead of buying from a sweet shop. Homemade sweets are always a better option.

5. Home parties

Instead of going to the expensive Diwali parties, celebrate the party in your house with family and friends. Invite them for joining the party to mark the occasion. Don’t make any special dishes for the party, instead, ask them to bring their own and exchange. This is a new way of celebration, most importantly won’t have to spend too much.

The post explains the importance of keeping your wallet under control forbest lifestyle blog, diwali, diwali happiness, festival, good life, home, Important Safety Tips, indian lifestyle blog, luxury lifestyle blog, spread the diwali happiness this Diwali. Don’t go overboard to buy expensive articles this Diwali. Have an eye on the budget, or leads to a debt trap. Be smart on this day, every day

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