Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood

Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood

*Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for audience above 25 years

A Scottish legend once said, if you sip a good scotch, you can hear a piper play; but if you taste an exceptionally amazing scotch, you can hear 100 pipers play.

Well, that’s a true thing for Seagram’s 100 pipers. The beautiful aroma, the ethereal taste, the creamy texture and wonderfully complex character makes 100 pipers an amazing scotch whisky.

It took more than 20 years and over 530 combinations to get these in a single bottle: a bottle of 100 pipers.

Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood
Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood

I was amazed to know the legend story behind 100 pipers which was an inspiration to this discovery.


It is said that in 1745, a hundred pipers predated Scotland legend Bonnie Prince Charlie into the battle. The brave Scottish legend and the ballad of 100 pipers is an inspiration behind this extra-ordinary whisky which aims at bringing alive the epic story of a victory by an outstanding platoon of 100 pipers.

One day, the master blender while blending in the glen tried a way to boost it up so that the sound of 10 pipers could be heard. He tested and tasted and repeated. Finally he could hear, not just 10 but 100 pipers playing in his glen. That’s when the real exotic taste of 100 pipers was discovered.

Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood
Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip! #BeRememberedforGood

No wonder it took over 530 combinations to get this exceptional taste.

If you talk about the tasting notes, it has woody and fruity note with a touch of peat oak fragrance with an aromatic sweetness. It has a well balanced taste of fruitiness and soft smokiness with finishing elegant notes ok oak coupled with vanilla.

So, now you know what to pick if you want to hear 100 pipers playing at once. Isn’t it?

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