Dilemma Of Corporate Gifts Sorted With HandiKart.co.in -6 Things To Pick!

Buying gifts for people is the biggest dilemma that everyone faces, and when it comes to corporate gifting, the situation becomes even more difficult. You cannot pick anything or everything when it comes to corporate gifting. The gift items should be something that depicts your humbleness and sincerity towards your professional circle.

Thanks to HandiKart for offering a wide range of assorted gift items that are just perfect for corporate gifting. I have picked 6 things from HandiKart that are just perfect for corporate gifting on special occasions and festivals.

6 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas From HandiKart.co.in

1. Buddha Dhyan Idol:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

Nothing’s better than spreading peace and prosperity. This Buddha Dhyan idol is perfect for corporate gifting as it is believed to bring success and peace at home!

Buy it from here for INR 970

2. Vintage Goblet Cup Wine Glasses:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

These vintage silver plated goblets are royal and useful. Your professional friends will love to enjoy wine or maybe beer or simply lemonade in these antique wine glasses.

Buy it from here for INR 1400

3. Wooden candle holder case:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

If you are looking for a budget friendly corporate gift item, then this rectangular wooden candle holder case is just perfect. It’s a decent option to gift to your employees or co-workers.

Buy it from here for INR 400

4. Tercotta snail planter:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gift Ideas

This is also a budget friendly and quirky corporate gift item. It’s elegant design and sturdy looks makes it stand out from all. It’s good for indoor as well as outdoor planting.

Buy it from here for INR 770

5. Angular wooden key holder:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

How beautiful is this angular wooden key holder? It’s perfect to add art to walls and of course, its useful too.

Buy it from here for INR 3100

6. Bell-shaped terracota lamp:

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

Last but not the least on my list is this beautiful hand-painted terracota lamp. It’s is artistic, earthy and very decent option for corporate gifting.

Buy it from here for INR 1900

Ain’t these gift items so beautiful and classy? I totally loved them and would surely pick for corporate gifting. There are so many more options on HandiKart.co.in! So go ahead and check it out by yourself.

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