9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping

9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping

9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping

I am still addicted to shopping. Yes, and I don’t regret it. Though, my shopping habits have changed. Now I prefer online shopping. I am often busy writing or travelling. This leaves me with no time to step out and shop like a boss. Even if I am stepping out for shopping, I just buy the stuff that is on my priority list and done! That’s why I switched to online shopping. It’s been more than 2 years since I prefer online shopping. From phones, to laptop to outfit, cosmetics and everything, online shopping is so much convenient. I have several apps in my phone through which I can shop anytime and from anywhere I want.

9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping
9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping

So, as a pro online shopper (ah! That’s self-acclaimed title. #NoShame), let me share 9 golden online shopping tips that will help you save time, energy and MONEY!

9 Golden Tips For Smart & Safe Online Shopping

1. Pick 2-3 best sites and shop from them. Don’t just try every new website that you see, until you find a really catchy and unique product.

2. Trust shopping sites with SSL encryption installed. Means, the e-commerce site have https://.. is safer than http://… sites. SSL encryption helps you make payments using your credit card safely. Means the data you is safe on these kind of sites.

3. Cross check invoice and your bank statement/credit card statement after shopping.

4. Never stick to lowest-price-product. I have faced it once. I ordered MAC compact from a website with lowest price and it was a dupe. Always read details and see guarantee mentions.

5. If you have time, do some research on on-going offers on shopping sites. Like, Snapdeal offers are sometimes really good and can make you go for binge shopping. You can also checkout money-saving websites like PayLesser India top shop at heavy discount price.

6. Use strong passwords, especially on website which has your wallet connected to your card.

7. If you are buying a really costly product (like a cellphone or laptop), use price comparison sites before hitting the buy-now button. But make sure, you buy from a site you trust.

8. Avoid public computers to make purchases.

9. Always check size-charts properly before buying footwear, apparels and jewellery.

So these were my 9 golden tips for smart and safe online shopping.

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