7 Fab Tips To Get Healthy In 10 Seconds

7 Fab Tips To Get Healthy In 10 Seconds

Want some tips to get instantly healthy? All it takes 10 seconds of our day. Yes! Don’t believe me? See yourself!

7 Fab Tips To Get Healthy In 10 Seconds
7 Fab Tips To Get Healthy In 10 Seconds |

7 Fab Tips To Get Healthy In 10 Seconds

Ice it:

Drink few glasses of iced water before and after the exercise. It is said to increase your endurance by 23%.  You will also see an increase in the metabolic rate of the body.

Go for red:

Yes, red indicates danger but it is not the case everywhere. Pick the food that is red in color. How about some red cabbage and red capsicum/ they are loaded with vitamins  and beta-carotene.

Spear a hangover:

Drunk last night? Hangover? Take some lemon and salt and you are sure to be relieved. Asparagus is also said to be effective.

Listen to your feet:

Are you trying hard to push your limits? Are you ignoring the signs of the tiring feet? Listen to it and stop the workout immediately. Just take a walk.

Don’t buy wheat bread:

Most of the times we prefer wheat bread  as whole grain is said to benefit the body. But, wheat bread is nothing but the dyed white bread. Molasses are used to get the color. So be careful.

Life weights:

You need to tone your muscles and what better way than lifting the weights. Try increasing your weight lifts and you will feel better.

Dry off from head to toe:

Once you are done with taking shower, ensure that you dry your entire body. Dry your head and hair completely so that you do not catch a cold. Do not use electrical products to dry your hair. Use a soft and clean towel to get yourself dried.

Thus, you need to be very careful with your health. You need to focus on food, weight and work. Keep these things balanced and you will automatically have a balanced life.

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