6 Tips To Talk Like A Boss

6 Tips To Talk Like A Boss

6 Tips To Talk Like A Boss

Talking is just not merely a way of Communication, it is a form of expression. The way you talk clearly reflects your personality. You need to follow the  basic etiquette when talking! It’s not just creates a good impression on other but also helps you gain friends. Therefore, as a speaker I would like to share some really important tips to talk that will surely help you.

6 Tips To Talk Like A Boss
6 Tips To Talk Like A Boss | image:favim

Here are 6 must-follow tips to talk like a boss!


When you meet somebody new, do not open up immediately and start talking non-stop. It is always better to allow the other person to talk. Listen what the other person has to say and if your wavelength matches, you can talk.

Be empathetic:

You do not have to be judgemental by listening to the talks of the other person. You need to put yourself in the shoes of others before you jump to any conclusion.

Read the body language:

Read the body language of the person. Find out if the other person is nervous, emotional, lonely, extrovert, comfortable, scared, angry and so on. Check what kind of talks the person enjoys. Is there an eye contact when he is talking to you?


If you know whom you are meeting, it is better to know about the person well in advance. These days social media is a great platform to find out about any person. You can also have check their LinkedIn profile to get a vague idea about the person.

Stay updated:

When you are talking about politics, ensure that you know what is happening in your city or country. You must be aware of the current happenings in business or other trending topics. It will help you to make your conversation more effective and will also help you to leave a mark on the person.

Don’t overshare:

This is one common mistake that we make. We talk so much that we tend to share our private secrets with the other person whom we have met just few hours back. It will not take much time for the talks to spread.

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