5 Peaceful Pollution-Free Places To Visit In India IF You Don’t Like Diwali Babel

Though Diwali brings joy and happiness among people, at the same time there are some people who don’t like the Diwali Babel. If you are one of those who just to want go somewhere and spend a peaceful long Diwali holidays away from the hustle bustle then I have got a cover for you!

5 Peaceful Pollution-Free Places To Visit In India IF You Don't Like Diwali Babel
5 Peaceful Pollution-Free Places To Visit In India IF You Don’t Like Diwali Babel

Here are some of the most peaceful and pollution-free places you would like to visit if you are one of them who do not like to be smitten by the suffocating ambience of Diwali in cities:

  1. Nandi Hills

You can meet nature with all its beauty at Nandi Hills. You shall experience a mindboggling trekking session with the base camp at Bangalore, and will be fascinated with the forest camping, caving, wine tour along with the enchanting wildlife safari.

  1. Meghmalai

Situated at the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, you will be mesmerized once you set your eyes upon the place. Adventure takes a new leap when you start trekking here. Or else, if you are not much of an explorer, you can also sit by the side of Manalaru Dam and enjoy the calm surroundings.

  1. Yercaud Lake

Forget the Diwali mania and find your way to the heavenly Yercaud hill station that is located in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. If you are trekking, then Coimbatore or Chennai would be considered as the base camp. Not only trekking but you could also have sometime for yourself exclusively at the Yercaud Lake.

  1. Matheran

Affectionately preserved as the smallest hill town in India, Matheran is famous for offering serene sun rise and sunsets to its visitors. The Panorama Point at the hill station gives you the best view of the surroundings. You can also enjoy a ride aboard the toy train from Neral.

  1. Allepey

Situated in God’s Own Country Kerala, Allepey is one of most beautiful places to visit things Diwali. With the backdrop of the sea and the beauty of the backwaters, what else could be your Diwali defined by?

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