5 Countries Beyond India Where Diwali Is Celebrated In A Grand Way

Diwali or Deepavali celebrated with the win of good over evil. We all know how the festival is celebrated here, but do you know how it is celebrated beyond the boundaries of India? Many people from India settled in these countries, they celebrate the occasion the way they used to do in India. But there are natives of other countries who celebrate Diwali and their way of celebrating the festival is different.

5 Countries Beyond India Where Diwali Is Celebrated In A Grand Way
5 Countries Beyond India Where Diwali Is Celebrated In A Grand Way Image:Vision Of Splendor

Here is the list of 5 countries where Diwali is celebrated in a grand manner. Let read the post.

1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a link to Diwali. It was here, where Sita housed by the king Ravana as told in our epic Ramayana. The people here in India welcomed Rama, Sita, and company by lighting lamps. Similar to India, the celebrations in Sri Lanka revolve around illumination and lights. They make enamel toys and figurines out of crystal sugar. Bursting with crackers and homemade sweets and meal light up Deepavali!

2. Malaysia

The country is home to thousands of Indians from different states in India. They celebrate Diwali by inviting their Malayan and Chinese friends by presenting sweets and savories. Here the festival celebrated with the same enthusiasm in India. Diwali is declared as a public holiday. Also, bursting of crackers is not allowed.

3. Nepal

Diwali otherwise known as Tihar celebrated in Nepal for 5 five days. They celebrate the festival like in India like the decoration of homes, the lighting of lamps, sweets, the bursting of crackers. Also, Dog is worshiped on this day, it is also known as Kukur Tihar.

4. Mauritius

In this country, Deepavali celebrated in a traditional manner by lighting earthen lamps and worshiping of Goddess Lakshmi associated with wealth. The lamps are arranged in patterns in the forms of religious symbols or flowers.

5. United kingdom

The UK is home to many Indians and they celebrate the occasion used to be in India. They still follow and maintain the traditions like a new dress, Lakshmi pooja, sweets, the lighting of lamps in houses, and offices, bursting of crackers all Indian way.

Great to see that our biggest festival is celebrated which so much of enthusiasm in other countries too.

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