5 Communication Mistakes That Leaders Make

5 Communication Mistakes That Leaders Make

5 Communication Mistakes That Leaders Make

If you can master the art of communication, there cannot be anything better than it. It is one of the most important component that a leader must possess. The way you communicate can make or break your reputation. Therefore, it is very important that you are well aware of the rules of communications before you begin to speak.

5 Communication Mistakes That Leaders Make
5 Communication Mistakes That Leaders Make | image:tumblr

Here are 5 communication mistake that a leader makes:

Forgetting to get personal:

A leader must be professional but it is always better  if there is a personal touch towards the work and people.  Building connection is vital and it will help the leader to have more and more followers. Talk about personal matter as well as professional matter as and when required.

Avoiding Eye contact:

Your body language talks about your personality. When you try avoiding an eye contact it shows lack of confidence. You might have several thoughts running in your mind, but you need to keep a hold on it and focus on your words while you are talking to anyone. It also shows that you are respecting the person.

Racing to the end:

Of course, there is time constraint and boundation. But that doesn’t mean you rush to an end. You need to follow the introduction, the subject matter and the conclusion. A good conversation takes a lot of efforts. Hence, you must develop a habit  of not rushing at the end.


Most of the people in the leadership position interrupt out of excitement. They do not allow the speaker to finish their sentence. If you have a unique idea or a valid point to speak, wait till the speaker finishes it off. You will be setting a real example of a leader.

Saying I instead of We:

As a leader you are representing your team. Always make sure that you include your team while you are speaking. Give them a sense of belonging.

Thus, as a leader you need to work more and more on communication.

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