5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You

5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You

5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You

There are always good things and bad things and we become judgemental all the times. Things that works for one person might not be effective for the other.There is something good and everything and this goes for some food items as well.

5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You
5 Bad Things That Are Actually Good For You |image:favim

Here are 5 bad things that are actually good for you:

1. Caffeine:

Many people say that caffeine is bad whereas there are few who says that it is good. The truth is everything in moderation is good. If you take few doses of caffeine on daily basis it is not going to harm you for sure. So drink your daily coffee or tea without any guilt!

2. Dairy products:

It is said that low fat dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese and so on can benefit you than the normal dairy products.Full-fat dairy contains a higher amount of fat soluble vitamins A, D and E which might be missing in the low fat dairy products. Thus, take your call  wisely.

3. Red Wine:

It has  antioxidants called polyphenols which are said to benefit the body. Your blood vessels and heart is protected by these  antioxidants called polyphenols. You can have a glass of red wine after a meal.

4. Chocolate:

Ah, i cannot ditch the chocolates at any point of my life. Though it adds to the calorie intake but it also has antioxidants that will help you to prevent certain cancers from the body. It can be consumed moderately.

5. Junk food:

Junk is always not bad.It is said that eating junk will add on to your fat cells. And, yes it is true! But, people who have more  weight on the bottom than the upper part of the body are said to be protected from the heart disease. Thus, don’t think too much while eating your favourite chaat or pani puri.

Just enjoy!

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