5 Awesome Tricks To Be More Grateful On Daily Basis

We as human beings, tend to fall a victim to routine, too soon and start taking the little things in life for granted and stop being thankful for them.These little things are actually the big things which make up your entire life!

5 Awesome Tricks To Be More Grateful On Daily Basis
5 Awesome Tricks To Be More Grateful On Daily Basis Image:tumblr.com

5 Awesome Tricks To Be More Grateful On Daily Basis

  • Keep a small memento with you that reminds you to be grateful.It should be something close to nature as nature makes you feel grounded.A small rock or a sea shell would do the task for you.Make sure it is handy enough you that you can carry int around in your office bag or purse.

  • Try this technique of training your mind to start as well as end your day with a note of gratitude to self, to god and to those who are around you.This would help you focus on your blessings and abundance in your life rather than the deficits.

  • Write down the things which you are grateful for at the end of each day so that you begin to feel that you indeed are too blessed to be stressed.Lt us say, your wife prepared a yummy meal for you, you had no traffic jams on your way back home from office and are rather comfortably sitting in an air conditioned room, if you jot it all down,you will probably muster the courage to ignore some rude remarks made by a fellow co-worker at work.

  • To create a deeper sense of thankfulness, try to reason out with yourself as to what good happened with you on a given day and then then try to reason out with yourself why are you grateful for this particular thing.For instance, you have a problem of chronic aches but one particular day, you did not feel the ache.You can be grateful because you were saved from a lot of discomfort and probably even popping a pain-killer.This would also urge your mind to think, why did the ache not happen today/ Did you maintain a good posture at work or did you take frequent walks around your office in the 5 minute breaks.Gratitude has a way of improving the quality of your life, in general.

  • Use all opportunities to be grateful for.Even a burst of rains is something that can freshen up your mood and make you feel happy. It saved you from the irritating humidity and made everything around look so vibrant allowing you a visual treat.Why not use this opportunity to thank God and Mother Nature.They probably will send the good vibes back to you to make your life more cheerful.

So, these are little tips and tricks that can help you feel and stay more grateful in life!

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