#15YearsOfRHTDM – RHTDM -This Movie Has My Heart!


Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein aka RHTDM is one of the most favorite movies of mine. Yes I love it. I love the story, the background score, the actors, the music, songs, dialogues and everything. It’s been 15 years and still I get goosebumps when Maddy says “Ek ladki dekhi, like a flash… ab to bas ek he tamanna hai, ke Rehna hai uske dil me!”

I still laugh out loudly when Maddy & Reena’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and he steals a bicycle from a man busy peeing behind the bushes. Hah! And that scene, when Maddy shouts ‘ford.. ford.. arey, vahi ladki!!’and BANG!

I still bites my nails when I see Rajeev almost got married to Reena.

And I still cry when dil ko tumse pyaar hua song ends and Maddy hits the door while background music plays, ‘Kya kahu kya kahu…’

Actually not, one but there are so many scenes which still bring tears in my eyes. Like the lines of the songs “Sach keh raha hai deewana…” where Maddy sings and cries, “…ek din usey bhula dunga mein, uske nisha mita dunga mein.. chahunga na mein us patthar ko, ja usey bata de..”

Oh and when he is having a conversation with his Daddy love before leaving for the airport!

It is said that a good movies makes you feel the story.

The song Kehna hai kehna hai and Zara are my favorite (of course, dil ko tumse pyar hua too) romantic songs from the movies, while I avoid listening to Sach keh raha hai deewana, because it makes me feel sad.

I still remember, I was in Mumbai and I asked one of my friends where that Maddy’s favorite beach is? And he said, he didn’t have any idea about it. Oh I want to see that place once!

I am a fan of RHTDM and will always be! I wish many more successful years to this movie and it’s entire cast and crew.

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