Why Is Tracking Employee Working Hours Important? Ft. EmploTime

Big and well-established companies already have system to track employee working hours. But start-ups and small scale work spaces don’t! Also, still some established companies are using the traditional method of tracking the employee working hours i.e. The timesheet. And most often, the employees simply enter the identical hours for each day like 9 a.m.- 6 pm. It is very important to track employee working hours, especially when your employee is on wages or a freelancer.

Tracking employees working hours not just helps in tracking how much work they have done, but it also helps us understand how much time is required for someone to complete a certain task. This helps a lot in project planning and execution as well.

Why Is Tracking Employee Working Hours Important? Ft. EmploTime
Why Is Tracking Employee Working Hours Important? Ft. EmploTime

Talking of which, allow me to introduce you to EmploTime. It is a perfect web-based and cost effective solution to track employee working time for small and medium business. You simply need to register, create employees and authorize clock use in a designated PC or tablet, and you’re done! No installation required, no difficult coding!

Highlights of EmploTime:

The easy admin portal helps you manage things in a jiffy. You can see working hours, track real time progress and add employees easily.

The best thing about EmploTime is you can authorize as many clocks as you need and receive the employee clocking directly to your admin portal..

You can use emplotime on your PC, tablet and even on your phone. Emplotime is free to try for first 30 days. While you are on trail, you are free to use the app including ALL of it’s feature. And they don’t even ask for credit card.

Well, let’s now discuss about the pricing of this app. So, there are mainly 6 plans.

Plan 1: $40/year, add up to 5 employees

Plan 2: $80/year, add up to 10 employees

Plan 3: $160/year, add up to 20 employees

Plan 4: $400/year, add up to 50 employees

Plan 5: $800/year, add up to 100 employees

Plan 6: $20/month, add up to 20 employees

You can change your plan any time you want!

EmploTime is all what you need in order to track employees working hours.


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