Shoe Lover Forever Ft. La Briza

Shoe Lover Forever Ft. La Briza

Shoe Lover Forever Ft. La Briza

I love shoes! I mean, I literally love shoes. And you know, when I meet someone.. the first thing I notice are their shoes. Love of footwear I believe I have got in heredity! My mum is a bigger shoe-a-holic than I am.

So stilettos to slip-ons to boots to chappals to wedges, I own all sort of shoes. Since I long time, I wanted to buy a pair of brown leather boots, as I already had black short boots as well as black long flat boots in my collection.

I wasn’t getting a perfect that suits my choice. Mostly that were available had stone work on it or kind of glittery. I wanted something that were sober and classy!

Shoe Lover Forever Ft. La Briza
Shoe Lover Forever Ft. La Briza

Then I came across these pair of beauties from La Briza! Oh my God! It was love at first sight for me.

Ain’t they super gorgeous! I just couldn’t stop myself from adoring this beauties when I received them in my mail. I was really happy as I ordered these pair of boots from La Briza’s website and got it delivered in just 3 days.

(Sorry for bad picture quality)

I came to know about La Briza from a friend. I decided to give a shot and ended up buying 2 pair of shoes (yes, not just one). Oh this always happens with me. I think it happens with all shopaholics! But what to do, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering these high wedges! Look!

Oh my! I so badly wanted to wear one of these in my Jaico Talk Time event in Mumbai. But as climate of Mumbai was suitable for leather shoes & I didn’t want these lovelies to get ruined, I decided to keep them safe and therefore I didn’t wear them.

But I JUST CAN’T WAIT to wear both my newest pair of shoes.

If you too wish to buy these or want to get a good classy pair of shoes, do check out La Briza.

Highly recommended!

Price of leather boots: INR 3999

Price of high wedge heels: INR 2499

Also, I am planning to do a story on my favorite pair of shoes or my shoe collection! Do lemme know if you find this idea interesting? Comment your choice & I’d love to work on it.

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