It’s Monday and I know, all of us need some Monday motivation. Well, I just wanted to share some random thoughts with you all. Last night, me and my roommate were discussing about the hiccups that she is getting these days. Hiccups that has disturbed her life and how she regret the things she had done.

I just told her not to regret for anything in life. Yes buddies, never regret for the decisions you made. It might make you think your life would have been better if you would have taken certain decisions but no! It’s nothing like that. Time changes, people change. That time when you took the decision, you had a different mindset, now you are different. That time, whatever you did was right… It doesn’t make any sense of comparing your past with present. Just keep faith and believe in yourself, your decisions.. be wise! Time once gone, never comes back. Be wiser and let it go. Don’t keep regrets!

Trust me, it’s all good now. And if it’s not, then it might take some time, but it’ll be alright!

Monday Motivation For You
Monday Motivation For You

And now, time to announce the lucky winner of Livon Serum Giveaway.

But before that, again I would like to tell you I am not the one who selected the winner, it’s been picked by!

And yes, THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating in it. Your enthusiasm and interaction for such activities makes me organize more of these, to make you happy and give back the love that you give me.

WINNER IS: Anjali Chauhan- anjali*********

Kindly send your details on manamika01 [@] live [.] com

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