So… the other day, I was going through the page of my diary and found this quote. Like facebook memories ‘on this day’ feature, I like browsing my diary pages too! Same day on 28th sept 2015, I had written this quote along. I have no idea why I didn’t update it on facebook, because I feel I must have written it to share on social media only; or maybe I would have written it to include in any of my books.

Anyway, so here’s it! I share it yesterday on my facebook, twitter & instagram.

It's A Fairytale!  - A Quote By ME
It’s A Fairytale! – A Quote By ME | image:pinterest

Now, it makes more sense than last year. Therefore, once again nature proved that whatever happens, happens for good!

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life love knocks our doors, enters our lives & changes it forever. You start believing in dreams, you start making wishes & you start to trust your heart even more! That love holds your hands & makes you feel you are safer than ever; that love makes you believe that nothing can go wrong now; and oh that warm hug, which makes you want to spend your entire life then & there!

That’s when you realise you are not living an ordinary life, but it’s a fairytale! 💕

How’s it? 🙂

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