Important Tips For Your Trip To Leh Ladakh + More Photos From My Tour

Important Tips And Suggestions For Your Trip To Leh Ladakh

On the eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir, Situated Ladakh which is a high altitude desert of India. The rich waters of the Zanskar River irrigate the landscape in Ladakh. Leh, the capital of Ladakh, better known as Little Tibet, due to its Tibetan culture and a large amount of monasteries spread here and there, is described as brown shaded hill ranges and a crystal blue sky. As you all know, I was had visited Ladakh recently with my family by road. My tour was really a memorable one. We had planned everything.

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

View Of Old Fort From Shanti Stupa

When you plan a visit to Ladakh, you must have a reasonable idea about what to do and what not to. Here are important Tips and suggestions while going to Leh Ladakh from my own experience and learning.

• Getting there:

For the best experience, go by road. The road drive is really enjoyable. Many airways function frequent flights all season long. Climate can play spoilsport at any time of the season, and may disrupt plans.

• Climate:

Stinging cool from Nov to March with temperature ranges dropping many degrees below normal. Everything is freezing over. The several weeks of July to Aug are nicely heated, while it is perfectly cool during the other months. It is always cool at higher altitudes. Make sure you always bring heated outfits with you in Ladakh at year ’round.

• Best time to visit Leh Ladakh:

July to early-October when roads are open, but schedules differ every season. No vehicle movement is possible the remaining season. You can fly in all other periods based on your chance to hold up against the cool.

• Places to stay:

There is no lack of accommodations in Leh for all costs. But choices restricted at all other locations. Unless you are planning to camp, it is recommended to book in advance.

• Connectivity:

Only BSNL and Idea postpaid work in Leh and Kargil, with no Internet available for Idea. Most other locations either have no connection or only state-run BSNL works. You can book a hotel that has a WiFi. That will help you a lot.

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

View Of Leh City From The Top

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

The Monastery

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

The Prayer Flags in Leh Ladakh

The area provides amazing picturesque sceneries, so bring as many cameras as you can. Some monasteries, however, may not allow photography within their premises. But every turn and every road of Ladakh has new view which is breathtaking. The outskirts of Leh city are fab!

Photo Of Leh Ladakh

Beautiful Himalayas

Checkout more photos from my road trip to Ladakh, here- Romancing With Nature- Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog


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