How To Answer The Toughest Question At The Time Of Interview

How to answer the toughest question at the time of interview?

Everyone wants to possess their dream jobs and for that, they need to crack the respective interviews. But interviews are very intricate and stressful. Most of the time employees are usually embraced with so many questions from the interviewers or selectors. One of the frequent question that is asked in any interview is about your strength and weakness.

Though the question looks very facile and simple but most of the time candidates are failed to give a satisfied answer. Because everyone likes to tell about their strengths but when it comes to tell about their weaknesses, then it would become an arduous job for them to give the answer.

How To Answer The Toughest Question At The Time Of Interview
How To Answer The Toughest Question At The Time Of Interview |

Below, you will help you to learn how practically you can give the answer to this toughest question.

1. Choose your weakness wisely:

You should be very honest about your thoughts and choose prudently your weak points. Don’t be perfectionist about your vocabulary rather you should try something different so that the interviewer can easily be convinced with your answer.

2. Take help from others:

If required you can take help from your acquaintances, family member and friends and try to listen about their strengths and weaknesses. Though sometimes, it looks weird but it will help you to give a prompt and honest answer.

3. Accept your flaws:

Every human being have their own flaws and limitations. So, don’t be arrogant at the time of interview rather you should politely accept your flaws and limitations. This is give a positive impression to the interviewer.

4. Talk about how to fix your weakness:

Since you clearly admitted that you have some flaws so now this is the perfect time that you should tell your employer that you are trying to fix-up your flaws and you are ardently working on it.

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