How Changing Your Definition Of Success Makes You Successful

Everybody has a different definition of success and most of us define success as it has already been defined. But, you can change the way success is defined in your own ways and see how things can be better.

How Changing Your Definition Of Success Makes You Successful
How Changing Your Definition Of Success Makes You Successful |

Success is never ending and failure is never final. Everybody talks about being successful. Everybody has their own dreams and we are taught to have goals right from the childhood days. We become so competitive such that we forget to live. When we are in the school, we are asked to get a higher score, be a rank holder, win prizes and be a sport always. A lot of expectations are set and our careers are decided by our parents. And, we also become a part of it.

How Changing Your Definition Of Success Makes You Successful:

Once we finish our school we are expected to get admission in good college. And, again, we are asked to study well, score high and be more hard working so that we get a high pay check as soon as we are out of the college. And, the race doesn’t end. Once we start working, there is immense peer pressure. We are expected to be more professional and productive. A promotion becomes the sheer goal of us and we start working towards it.  Thus, success at different level varies.

But, achieving your goal is not always being successful. Sometimes you might achieve what you want but you may not be successful. True success lies in being happy. It is not getting a fat amount of salary but a broad smile that is immeasurable. If you like traveling, take up a job that involves travel. If you like writing, become a creative writer, start your own blog, author a book and so on.

Thus, change the definition of success and be what you are.

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