Get Paid To Write WhatsApp Status & Discover New Every Day

Since the launch of whatsapp, the way we have conversations have changed. Isn’t it? We rely on whatsapp rather than text messages. And why not? It’s convenient and easy and better than SMS. Not just this, but whatsapp status are a best way to tell an update about you or express yourself. For the people who update whatsapp status everyday or every next hour, it often becomes difficult to find a new status everyday. If you are one of those, you will agree with me!

Get Paid To Write WhatsApp Status & Discover New Every Day
Get Paid To Write WhatsApp Status & Discover New Every Day |

But not any more! Introducing, a perfect place to discover new whatsapp status every day. They have more than 60 categories including love whatsapp status, life whatsapp status, cool, motivational, food, angry, busy, breakup, exam and lots more. It means they have status for all occasions, situations and moods.

Now you must be wondering, why to follow this new site where there are lots of other websites for good and new whatsapp statuses? Well, that’s the thing about WhatsStatus! They add new status daily. I guess no other website does that!

This means you can discover new status ideas EVERY DAY, as they have the largest collection of whatsapp status with the number increasing every day.

Not just this, but if you like writing whatsapp status by yourself and you want to earn some extra bucks every month, will pay you to write new and unique whatsapp statuses. All you need is to be a little more creative and write unique whatsapp statuses. It can be in Hindi (like, the way we chat on Whatsapp -Aap kya kar rahe ho? Types) or English.

Now that’s a good news for people looking for extra income by doing what they love- WhatsApp-ing (if that’s a word!)

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  1. you cannot change
    your future,
    but, you can change
    your habits,
    and surely your habits
    will change your future….

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