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Celebrate MS Dhoni ki #No1Yaari, Participate & Get A Chance To Meet Mahi

Celebrate MS Dhoni ki #No1Yaari, Participate & Get A Chance To Meet Mahi

Friendship is really a special bond. Time flies, but true friendship stays… I was watching this video and made me feel like calling my childhood friend the very moment the video finished.

Watch it!

So true! Asli Yaari ki baat he alag hoti hai (The charm of real friendship is different). The trio you saw in this video is real! As in, the 2 guys (other than Mahi) are actually Mahi’s close childhood buddies. For the world, he is MS DHONI but for his yaars, he is just Mahi… Mahi their best friend. They have grown up together and over the years, this bond of brotherhood has grown stronger and stronger.

They have been together since childhood. They were their for each other through thick and thins of life. Also, they have always stood by each other through phases of hardships and success, and that’s what real friendship is!

It’s a promise to be together, forever… with no complaints, no demands!

ms dhoni

Ain’t this video perfectly captures the beauty of their true friendship? I am totally mesmerized!

Friendship is precious! Isn’t it? You are lucky if you are still friends with your childhood buddies. That’s asli yaari! And that’s a reason to celebrate… to celebrate Asli Yaari!

Here’s a chance to celebrate ASLI YAARI with MS Dhoni and 2 of your asli yaars.

Simply CLICK HERE. You will be re-directed to a Facebook page post. You can comment their and tag 2 of your asli yaars and you along with your best friends, can get a chance to meet MS Dhoni to celebrate Asli Yaari!

So what are you waiting for! Participate NOW!

P.S: I just can’t stop humming ‘Aisi vaisi dosti nahi… yeh #No1Yaari hai…’ since I have watched the video. 🙂

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