Are Smartphones The Reason Behind Your Bad Diet
Are Smartphones The Reason Behind Your Bad Diet

Are Smartphones The Reason Behind Your Bad Diet?

“Don’t be addicted to these modern day gadgets!” that is what we have to hear every day from our parents. The funny part is that one never even admits to it by proudly replying “Yes! I am able to dispense with them whenever I would like to”. At the back of our minds, we all smile because we know we can’t.
Are Smartphones The Reason Behind Your Bad Diet?

Food Apps

The ease of ordering our favorite crunchies from where ever we want has developed a bad habit in us. I admit, even I fall prey to online fast foods and I end up ordering them till my stomach finally says “not anymore!” which makes my diet go for a six.
The best solution is to replace all the food apps with healthy tips, apps because at some point you need to commit to yourself right?

“Smartphones” the new TVs

Smartphones have successfully won the battle of creating young couch potatoes! Watching YouTube videos and online movies is how we screw up our diet every weekend. Smartphones are like our lungs now as it’s really hard for us to give them up even for a minute! It’s high time we start exploring ourselves more without letting theses gadgets control us.

Social Media

I remember hanging out with my buddies and noticing all of them using phones and “hanging out” virtually. We live virtually more nowadays as if our whole life depends on that small screen. People have mastered the art of using our phones in one hand and eating junk with the other hand. We need to start noticing the world more and live a social life outside, playing our favorite sport and pursuing our hobbies.

I won’t deny that smartphones have tremendously affected our lives in the positive ways too. But at some point, we need to come to reality and live the moments of impact which our life actually depends on.

image source – The Huffington Post

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