Awesome WhatsApp Tricks

9 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use It

Awesome WhatsApp Tricks
Awesome WhatsApp Tricks

9 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use It

In this mobile-driven worlds, WhatsApp has been conveniently able to secure its place among all messaging apps and has become one of the most applauded messaging apps by its users. But every user should know all intricacies of the WhatsApp.
Below, we are mentioning 9 tricks that a WhatsApp user must know so that he or she can enjoy all never ending the conversation in an uninterrupted way.

9 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks

1. Shortcut your favourites: If you are over occupied for tapping then, you can add a shortcut to your home menu so that you don’t need to open the app to start chatting.

2. Hide your last online: You can conveniently hide your last online status by doing some changes in privacy setting. You can even turn off those blue ticks if required.

3. Check the time your message was read: You can efficaciously check the time when your message was read by your friends or near and dear ones. And for this, you just need to long press the message and select info to discover the time your message was read.

4. Bookmark your favourite messages: You can easily bookmark those enthralling conversation or messages which bring a smile on your face.

5. Make free space on your phone: You can easily delete irrelevant messages by editing your settings to free up memory on your phone, leaving space for others. You just need to flip the switch on save incoming media option.

6. Discover your best friend in WhatsApp: If you want to know your best friend in WhatsApp, you can go to ‘settings’ > ‘account’ > ‘storage usage.’

7. You bold, italic or stick through: You can use bold, italic to put more emphasize on your text.

8. Find out where your friends are: If you want to get your friends, then you need to send their location by clicking the icon to the left of the text box.

9. Set the custom tone: By going to ‘options’ > ‘contact/group info’ > ‘custom notifications’ , you can easily set a custom tone.

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