8 Truths About Coffee You Never Knew But You Should Know

There are several of us who cannot leave without having a sip of coffee early in the morning and some in the evening. If you are working, then there can hardly be anything that can substitute the coffee when it comes to rejuvenating yourself.

8 Truths About Coffee You Never Knew But You Should Know
8 Truths About Coffee You Never Knew But You Should Know | Image:favim.com

Here are 8 truths about coffee that we can guarantee that even the avid lover of coffee also don’t know:

8 Truths About Coffee You Never Knew But You Should Know

1. After you start gulping down your coffee, it takes 15-20 minutes for caffeine to kick in. After the caffeine enters the body, it lasts for 8-14 hours. Still, after 3 hours of taking coffee what you can’t avoid is the risk of being in a dreaded coffee crash.

2. Coffee matters if you are taking the pills. If you are taking pills and drinking coffee both, then coffee will affect you more than that of a normal person.

3. There are many people who are of the opinion that coffee from any part of the world has the same amount of caffeine. This is not the reality. For example, Starbuck has double the amount than that of McDonalds.

4. Decaffeination does not refer to any caffeine. Decaf is a word that gives you the meaning of less amount of caffeine as it cannot be removed all the caffeine.

5. If you are going the gym and also consuming coffee, then caffeine can help you to get more out of your workout.

6. You will be amazed to learn that coffee has more tastes in comparison to the wine. You may not believe, but the notes of coffee exceed 300 while in the case of wine, it is 250 only.

7. It is also unknown to most of those who take an energy drink that, coffee has more caffeine than that of energy drinks.

8. It may take not more than 100 coffee cups to actually kill you! You can try to take less amount of coffee, starting from the current month instead of cutting it directly in one day.

Well, frankly I’m cutting off my coffee cups these days and have switched to iced-tea and green-tea. For you, you can decide better!

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