7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

Sometimes, when things are not going as we planned, we tend to panic and behave erratically. However, cultivating gratitude in your life on a daily basis helps you evaluate both the positives and negatives of a given situation and helps you carry on and find solutions rather than staying struck. In this post, I have shared the easy 7 ways to cultivate gratitude in your life.

7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life
Affirmation To Say: I am truly grateful for this life

It usually takes 3 weeks of regular practice to make something a part of your habit, so, only when you practice the following tips on a daily basis, would you be able to use these on a day that did not go as per your expectations!

7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

1. Notice what is happening around you, keenly. Are there things that you take granted each day, such as, getting your breakfast on time so that you do not run late for office? Your Wife keeping your clothes perfectly ironed for a conference at office? No traffic jams on your way to office or probably just a pleasant day? All these things have the potential to make your day a blissful one. Do not take the efforts of others and God’s kindness as wrong. If these simple things start going wrong on a daily basis, your life would be so chaotic and maddening.

2. Keep a simple diary or journal to make note of things that you feel grateful for in a particular day. You will notice how this seemingly simple practice can positively influence your day.

3. If you across a negative trait in somebody, try to avoid it can convert that trait in your mind into a positive one. It is said, be the best version of yourself and as regards to others, focus on their strengths and ignore their weakness.

4. Be humble in your words and actions.If you genuinely want to practice Gratitude and change your life for good, appreciate others, thank them often and compliment them, if you genuinely find something good in them or their behaviour. Stay away from abusive words and disrespectful language.

5. Stay away from energy vampires.Do not waste your time in Gossip, complaining and speaking foul of others.Do this for 10 days and you will notice how productive you have become.You would repent that you wasted so much energy on useless stuff.

6. Answer phone calls in a cheerful tone of voice.People would be really happy to know that you are pleased to hear from them.

7. Remember the principle of what goes around,comes around.Try to devote your time, money or talents for the betterment of those around you.Get involved with an organisation that is working for a good cause

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