7 Office-Ready Jewellery Options You’ll Actually Feel (And Look) Good In

7 Office-Ready Jewellery Options You’ll Actually Feel (And Look) Good In

7 Office-Ready Jewellery Options You’ll Actually Feel (And Look) Good In

The word office does spill some decorum but there’s nothing that can stop the smart and the confident woman of today from making a style statement. With the evolution of a dynamic work culture where an attire holds a significant role in building a positive image, the challenge lies in balancing the subtle equation between the attire and the accessories. So here are some tricks of the trade that definitely will help you show off not only your style but also create a lasting impression.

The jewellery pieces must offer a perfect finish to your attire

Are you simply tempted to invest in a chunky piece you hit upon while browsing an online jewellery store? Do you feel that would bedazzle everyone at work? Hang on girl! When it comes to the go-to-work jewellery, less is more. While choosing jewellery designs, keep it simple but don’t let go of the spunk! A delicate gemstone or a diamond bracelet can do wonders whereas a pair of bangles can create some unnecessary noise.

7 Office-Ready Jewellery Options You’ll Actually Feel (And Look) Good In
7 Office-Ready Jewellery Options You’ll Actually Feel (And Look) Good In | image:jewelryblog.co.uk

The jewellery pieces must be proportional to your face

We suggest. don’t just fall for the trends, pick up pieces that complement your overall attire. While a huge stud with a bold colour stone can be very stylish, it can be overpowering and distracting as well. So, wear it wisely.

The jewellery pieces must gel with your work culture

The jewellery designs that you pick speak a great deal about your attitude towards your work. While adding some surprise to beat the Monday morning blues is okay, but the same jewellery can prove to be inappropriate for certain other occasions at work. For example, a chunky neckpiece goes very well on non-work occasions but can prove to be quite overpowering during a video conference. Online jewellery retail brands like CaratLane.com offer you a wide range of choices.

Here are 7 office-ready jewellery options that channel your inner radiance


Metallic rings in white, yellow gold or platinum can create a lasting impression. This one piece is powerful enough to showcase your attitude and exudes an air of confidence. You can choose from simple band style rings to the ones embellished with diamonds, gemstones and pearls. However the key is to remember that they should not interfere with your work.


Earrings are the most critical ones to choose. For office wear, you can select earrings from a wide variety of jewellery designs right from simple studs to dangling hoops, depending upon the jaw line and the structure of the face. The idea is to highlight the facial contours and not wean off the attention during a conversation.


Simple bangles with a hint of floral design coupled with diamonds can prove to be quite a style statement at work. You can either team it up with a saree or a neatly starched cotton or silk kurta to make that classy statement work.


A Bracelet is a very good option when it comes to work. Online jewellery retail brands offer plethora of mind boggling choices that have been specifically crafted for office wear. So, feel free to choose the ones accentuated with pearls, diamonds or other gemstones for a confident look.


A short colourful necklace can be quite a stunner with your formal outfit. Not only does it make you look confident but adds some bit of colour to your usual fare.


Pendants are increasingly popular with working women of all age groups. They offer flexibility of choice. Be it a conference or a presentation or a fun activity, a pendant would spice up your look.


When minimalism is the key, chains fit the bill. They can be very good options when teamed with small studs. You can pick from abundant jewellery designs available online with premium brands.

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