5 Things I Am Surely Going To Tell The Younger Ones

There are many things that we realize, we should have done as a kid or would have understood things when our elders were explaining to us. So many mistakes and follies, we had made. No wonder, I too have things that have done wrong. Now, I think… if that time I would have done that in a certain way, feelings would have been different now!

5 Things I Am Surely Going To Tell The Younger Ones
5 Things I Am Surely Going To Tell The Younger Ones | Image:tumblr.com

Here are 5 things to tell that I going to tell to the younger ones:

Listen to you mom:

When we are young, we hardly listen to our moms. When she says not to go out late night or not to wear a particular dress or not to eat certain things, we ignore. But, mommy knows better and we must listen to them sometimes.

Spend more time with family:

When you are young you have ample time to spend with your family. But, we hardly do as we other work keeps us occupied. Once you grow up you will miss spending time with your family. Though you would want to spend time, but you would not be able to. Thus, focus on quality time and try as much time as possible so that you don’t regret later.

No dieting please!

Do not spend your time and money on buying food and starving yourself. A diet food will not help you out. Eat whatever you want and wear what you like. Do no think about your figure so much that you forget to live.

Make friends:

Most of the friendship doesn’t continue after teenage. But, you should make such friends that they are with you all the times. Keep your friends closer.

Develop habits:

Teenage is the right age to develop habits. Never steal things as once you start stealing, it will soon become a habit. Never yell at you elders as they deserve to be respected. Always be on time so that you develop the habit of punctuality. Never procrastinate your work. Enjoy your teenage and be the best of whatever you can be.

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