5 Hacks To Handle Digital Stress

5 Hacks To Handle Digital Stress

The digital world is a distraction in reality. It throws a lot of stress. We mostly have smart phones and we are always online on one or the other social channels. Either we are tweeting, or posting stuff on facebook, snapping or simply surfing. This actually becomes very stressful at time.

5 Hacks To Handle Digital Stress
5 Hacks To Handle Digital Stress |

No worries! Here are 5 ways to handle digital stress that are surely going to help you:

1. Shut off notifications:

You do not have to check your digital devices every now and then. Turn off the notifications so that you can manage these platforms. Continue your work and check your accounts later on.

2. Keep your smartphone away:

Phones are a major distraction. You can keep them in the silent mode or switch it off for few hours. You can ask people to call you between a set time. Also, speak for shorter duration so that you can save time.

3. Checking time:

Do not check your Whatsapp, Facebook or emails all the time. You need to set a time or make sure that you check it once on a day and once before you retire for the day. It will save you a lot of time apart from helping you out to deal with digital stress. Until and unless you are expecting an important mail, follow this routine.

4. Disconnect over the weekend:

You must take a break from the digital world. How about the weekends? They are meant to take a break from work. Make sure that you stay away from the virtual world and connect with people in the real world. Keep yourself busy with friends and family. Take a walk, listen to good music, eat food and sleep well, but no digital world please!


Increase your concentration power by doing one thing at a time. This will save you from distractions and will increase your productivity.

These 5 simple tips will decrease your digital stress and you will be able to save a lot of time. It is better to call people rather than entertain the chat. Try it out!

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