4 Types Of Haters And Hacks To Handle Them

4 Types Of Haters And Hack To Handle Them

The world is full of haters. Their job is to hate and your job is to avoid them just not by stretching yourself into the sink of cheap hatred thinking. When you face a person of mean spirited characters, you may try to find the way to defend, to get rid of this situation by treating them with positive attitude.

4 Types Of Haters And Hack To Handle Them
4 Types Of Haters And Hack To Handle Them |

The common types of haters and the ways to deal with them are described below.

The Sabotager:

This type of person highlights your ideas as his own and steals your credit without your concern. They are likely to speak about you at your back.

How to deal:

Avoiding them is the best solution. You can also inform the person that you are not agreeing with his or her behaviour.

The Frenemy:

These are the persons who like you in front of everybody but the main forte of them are vague compliments and meaningless comments which actually describe your failure even in the success.

How to deal:

Do not let your victory to be fade with their jealousy. Try to ignore showing you are busy.

“I Doubt it” Type:

There you will find at least one person in your life who finds out 5 or more wrong points from a good idea even. Tell them an excellent plan. They will seed the doubt in your mind.

How to deal:

Do not tell anything of your ideas, plans or ambitions to such persons in order to avoid their downward driven force. If you are confident enough about your plan and you are feeling it is absolutely write to execute then nobody can make you fail in this mission.

The Bragger:

This type of person has the tendency to brag about them anyhow in any condition. Nothing can stop them from bragging.

How to deal:

Kill their misconception with your kindness. Never pull comparisons before these types of persons. Be friendly with them and tell them about the success of others.

Thus you can avoid the above-mentioned types of haters and can deal them with confidence.

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  • apoorva

    I have encountered a big time type #4 recently.The mistake I made was, I told her I am doing well professionally..She just could not absorb it !! I guess, not describing your achievements in front of such people is a good idea.

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