12 Easy Ways To Improve Your Body Language

12 Easy Ways To Improve Your Body Language

Body language plays a pivotal role in your personal and as well as, professional life. Though you use different body languages in official and personal conversations but below we are mentioning certain points by which you can improve your body language.

12 Easy Ways To Improve Your Body Language
12 Easy Ways To Improve Your Body Language |

1. Never cross our arms or legs: you should try to open our arms and legs. Because it is believed that while you cross your arms, you seem to be guarded or defensive.

2. Make eye contact- Eye contact fosters the trust and closeness between two persons. If you can talk with a proper eye contact then it seems that you are talking honestly and respectfully, while on the other hand looking away seems you are dishonest and untrustworthy. Keep your head up straight and your eyes towards the horizon.

3. Try to sit in a relaxing way: you should try to sit calmly in a relax mood and always try to discard stress and discomfort else it will reflect in your body language.

4. Try to learn: When someone else is speaking try to listen and learn as much as possible.

5. Smile: A smiling face can easily win the heart of others or even conquer the enemies. So, don’t be serious all time and try to smile a little bit.

6. Try to avoid touching your face frequently: Sometimes this can be distracting for the listeners so try to avoid it.

7. Slow down a bit: If someone addresses you, don’t snap your neck in their direction, turn it a bit more slowly instead.

8. Don’t wriggle: Try to discard certain nervous moments like shaking your leg or tapping your fingers against the table frequently.

9. Use your hands properly: You can use your hands to explain something or to add weight to your point.

10. Lower your drink: Don’t hold anything in front of your heart including your drink.

11. Don’t stand too close to the speaker else he will be distracted by your sudden movements.

12. Keep a good attitude: A person with a positive and relaxed attitude will certainly have the power to win any situation. So, always try to hold a good attitude.

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