10 Tips On Slowing Down That Will Change Your Life

Every day we are facing a rat-race like competition and hence, we hardly find any time to take a deep breath calmly. Only when we planning for our holiday or weekend trip then only we get some time to enjoy our life at a full swing.

10 Tips On Slowing Down That Will Change Your Life
10 Tips On Slowing Down That Will Change Your Life | Image:favim.com

In this article, we are mentioning how different activities can give us stability and sanity in our life apart from going for a holiday.

1. We need to make a proper work schedule so that we can do one thing at a time. This will also enhance the quality of the work and save our time.

2. Sometimes, cooking brings some positive vibes in our life. A whole slow food movement may encourage us to take out sometime to prepare a meal and actually sit and enjoy the taste and flavour of the dish.

3. If required, we need to do a 10 or 20 minutes’ meditation to keep our mind fresh. We can also start or finish our day with a couple minutes of breathing.

4. We need to read one website or one browser at a time. Don’t use or read multiple tabs at a time. These will create a huge distraction.

5. A proper bathing also rejuvenates our energy

6. Try to sleep at least for 8 hrs.

7. We can call someone whom we really want to talk but hardly get enough time to talk to him or her. If possible, we can make a plan to catch him or her.

8. We can go for a walk. Outside air will bring some positivity and fresh energy in our time.

9. We need to make a plan when we will check our mail. Instead of checking the emails throughout the day we need to check them on a scheduled time.

10. When we are planning to do something or some activities, first we need to feel the task or the activity and then we can take the execution part.

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