This One Thing Might Be Ruining Your Career

This One Thing Might Be Ruining Your Career

All of us want a successful career and we try all the possible ways to reach the ladder of success. But there are times when we do not reach a higher level due to mistakes that we weren’t aware of. You might be super intelligent but it may not give you positive results all the time. Wondering what could be the reason behind it?

This One Thing Might Be Ruining Your Career
This One Thing Might Be Ruining Your Career |

Your attire at office plays a major role in your career. There are times when people dress sexy thinking that it will have a great influence in their office.Research says that people who show more skin are said to be less influential. People do not take them as seriously as they are supposed to be. This is one reason why every company has a dress code so that the decorum is maintained.

Most of the offices allow Fridays as casual wear whereas formals are supposed to be worn on the other days. If you are a salesperson, you are required to be in suits and tie so that you create a lasting impression on your client. Try wearing a tee and jeans for a client meet and you will see the difference.

Women on the other hand are asked to wear leggings and kurtis, saris or trousers so that the corporate culture is maintained. A deep-neck outfit or sleeveless dress is a strict no. Thus, if you have only focused on your work and are still wondering about your career growth, your dressing might be that one thing that is ruining your career.

Make sure that you dress as per the occasion and wear less-revealing clothes. Accessorize smartly so that you are taken seriously at your office premise. Do not use excess perfume as it is a major distraction at workplace.

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