The Unwritten Rules Of Texting You Must Know

The Unwritten Rules Of Texting You Must Know

Most of the times we don’t even think before sending a text for which we might have to apologize later on. But, there are certain things that must be taken into consideration before hitting the send button. Here are some unwritten rules of texting that you must know:

The Unwritten Rules Of Texting You Must Know
The Unwritten Rules Of Texting You Must Know |

The profuse apology:

There is no point in asking for forgiveness after making an error in texting. It is always better to have a check twice before sending the hit button. And, a sorry is always acceptable if it is face-to-face.

The secret:

A secret message must be kept secret and shouldn’t be revealed to others. If you are trusting the person, you can send the secret message, but you will always have a risk of being shared with others.

The dumping text:

Most of the friends experience this and it is tough to deal with the dumping text. It is difficult for the sender as well as receiver.

The good news:

It is always better to call up the person and share the good news or meet the person and share the good news. Any amount of emojis will not convey your feelings to the other person. If the receiver is close to you, it is always better to strengthen your bond by sharing the good news over a call than a text.

The drunk thoughts message:

This is the most common mistake that all of us would have committed at least once in a lifetime. It is difficult to  have any control over emotions when we are in drunken state. I miss to your ex or I love you to your ex are some of the common drunken thought messages that we ending up sending.

You got to be careful when you send a text to anyone from next time onward.

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