The Etiquette Rules Every Career Girl Should Know

Manners are must these days and if you are a working woman, you must follow the etiquette rules. Here are some of the most important etiquette rules every career girl should know:

The Etiquette Rules Every Career Girl Should Know
The Etiquette Rules Every Career Girl Should Know |

Put the phone away:

You do not have to be fiddling with your phone all the times. When you are talking to someone it is always better to keep the phone aside. If your boss is talking to you, make sure that you aren’t on your phone. It is a disrespect.

Responding to an email:

There are times when we say that we would get back soon and that soon never comes. You can borrow some time, but make sure that you find out a solution and revert to the emails. It shows that you are bothered about your clients.

Texting to be late:

It is always better not to be late, but in case you are late, you need to inform the concerned person. Drop the idea of texting if you have given a thought about it. It is always better to call the person and inform that you would be late.

Don’t say yes when you mean a no:

Saying a no is always difficult and we end up saying yes. Now, this is a major mistake that you are making. You must say a no when you mean a no. Do not cut a sorry face later on. If it is no, let it be a no right from the beginning.


If you have invited somebody on lunch, it is meant to be on you especially if it is a an official invitation. Do not dutch or expect the other person to make a pay.

These are simple etiquette rules that a career woman must follow to be more professional. Do share your feedback with us.

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