Talk To Yourself- Don’t Procrastinate

Now today I will be talking about something really interesting which we all undergo ourselves and also find other doing it. Hey! Who loves to talk to your own self! Definitely me and many of us! Yes! Our mind is loaded with different emotions, feelings which are bitter or grief laden on one side and also happier and emotion filled at the other side.

These different feelings, emotions, experiences lead us to think and talk to our own selves sometimes. It is obvious that this procrastination might be unknowingly occurring. But what is important is whether you are positive or negative. Procrastination is positive when you are making use of your extra time to think something good. To do good to be positive to learn and behave confidently, to handle risks and challenges with suitable steps are positive procrastination. However negative procrastination is a sign of reluctance and lethargic when you feel like avoiding to do or work out something. Neglecting and ignoring of performing or even trying to start something new fails when you are negatively procrastinating. They are simple excuses.

To deal with the negative procrastination you are to be very sure and confident and always self-talk and try to be determined and encourage yourself. If you are guilty of negative procrastination and fear of failure and are losing confidence then you will not succeed anymore. At times you cannot manage your emotions, so the best way is to ignore and keep it aside. Try something new and different. Talk to yourself, compare with others give time and then comeback.

Talk To Yourself- Don't Procrastinate
Talk To Yourself- Don’t Procrastinate |

Make corrections on the way of approaching and understand all the appropriate requirements where you are proceeding. Get the details of and encourage reaching your goals. Wasting time in negative procrastinating will never let you succeed, so give it a positive try and be determined to work out every milestone.

All those who are successful in life are always involved in positive procrastination. They talk to themselves for sometimes and think twice to work out things better. They never thought negatively. There words are very enthusiastic and challenging.

Negative procrastination will pull you down further if you are not conscious. Avoid giving lame excuses and always having accumulated laziness in your thoughts. Speak to yourself. Say why will you not be able to do? U will be positive and determined to start and try with all positive procrastination. The force will surely drive you to something better if not accomplished.

This is sufficient to make your aspirations and goals fulfilled. You will be successful and happy!!! Go ahead!

Submitted by: Mrs. B. Ojha

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