Sixty Seconds To Turn Your Bad Day Into A Good One

Sixty Seconds To Turn Your Bad Day Into A Good One

All of us have had days at some point of time and we would have tried hard to come out from that mood. Here are some ways to instantly change your bad days into good ones. All you need is 60 seconds!

Here you go:

Sixty Seconds To Turn Your Bad Day Into A Good One
Sixty Seconds To Turn Your Bad Day Into A Good One |

Find out the root of your problem:

There are times when you do not know why you are in bad mood. If you want to come out of the zone you need to find out the root of the problem. Only when you know the problem you can find a solution to it.

Get some space:

When you are going through bad days it is better to stay away from people. You need your own space to connect with yourself and understand the problem and solution. If you feel like crying, just pour heart out. You might feel better.

Set a Timer:

Remember you have just 60 seconds to change your days. You can quickly write down about the things that are bothering you. You might have emotions like anger, sadness, happiness and so on. Feel those emotions before penning down. You can be honest with yourself.

Turn it around:

If you are emotionally strong you can resolve all the issues. Do not pile up to your sadness and do not wait for things to happen all by itself. Take some efforts to watch hilarious videos. Watch TED talks. Hear some instrumental music. Switch on to your favourite television serial or watch your favourite movie. You can call your friend and say a hello.

These things play a major role in changing your bad mood to good one. All you need to do is take some efforts to come of the zone and you will be soon be out of it. Let us know your mantra.

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