RailYatri -A Unique Online Companion For Awesome Train Journeys

RailYatri -A Unique Online Companion For Awesome Train Journeys

RailYatri is the best option if you opt to travel luxuriously by train to your desired destination. Existing on the Web, Apple Store and Android this application tool is simply irresistible. Besides, it avails the best utilities for the users from PNR status and live train status to train time table, trains between stations, arrival or departure, seat availability, forecast, platform locator, rail wisdom, live train announcements, and many more.

RailYatri -A Unique Online Companion For Awesome Train Journeys

RailYatri -All-in-one service for Indian railway travellers |Image:weheartit.com

It is interesting to note that there is a novel feature of food delivery in train, where you can avail hygienic and delicious food in train. A traveller has to simply enter the PNR and train number and select his or her desired dish among the food options. With this genuine app a traveller can now order order food for train at the ease of his or her home or office and get it delivered at the train seat.

What else is special about RailYatri?

This is the prime travel app that has provided emergency medical info to its elite travelers. With over 20 million users till date and still growing on high pace RailYatri.in has done an exceptional service to its countrymen. The users can explore the collective wisdom wherein they can share as well as connect with their fellow travelers. There is an amazing rail radar system which is an effective GPS to provide the location to the esteemed users. The user has to simply enter train number and name and will be provided the updated information on the same.

The latest happenings on the Indian trains can be explored by the users on the RY Bulletin or the RailYatri Blog. These are inevitably the most fabulous accesses that a user could have. However, getting into this website is quite fast and easy. A user has to get an app or get link by entering his or her mobile number. Login is instant and can be carried out via Facebook or Google+.

A traveller can smoothly find the seat availability in the train which he or she desires to board with the family. He has to only type the train number or his name and provide the destinations and the class which he wishes to choose. He will be immediately informed about the current seat availability. This website has undoubtedly made the train travelling much simpler and more luxurious with the provision of the entire information that a traveler needs to travel by train in India.

Hence, it can be safely said that RailYatri.in with its innumerable online options has simplified the train travel for its nationwide customers.

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