People Made Of Bold, Never Have Fear Of Failure! #PlayBold

It is rightly said, when you have passion within you to achieve something in life, nothing can let you down! I am talking about our Indian athletes competing with the world. They are putting all of their hard work and efforts just to make our nation’s name stand out. Talking of which I just came across this video Made of Bold by Royal Challenge Sports Drink and you won’t believe, but it actually gave me goose bumps!

This powerful video is an ode to the bold spirit, passion and attitude of our Indian athletes who work hard day and night and never give up! Virat Kohli in the video rightly said, they don’t work hard and sweat day & night just to compete with handful of countries playing cricket, they don’t have thousands of fans shouting their name in the field, they don’t know whether they will be able to create history or not, but all they know is their passion, to achieve something in front of the world, to compete with the biggest names in sports field, to mark a place. They have their world ranking like 14, 35, 68, but think… it’s their WORLD RANK! Means, of all the trillion people in the world, they stand at this place! Wow!

People Made Of Bold, Never Have Fear Of Failure! #PlayBold
People Made Of Bold, Never Have Fear Of Failure! #PlayBold

I couldn’t agree more! Yes, they fight for their passion without worrying about the people who criticize them! They put everything on the line and run… for their dreams, for their passion! They prove in front of the entire world that people made of bold never have fear of failure or success. They play bold!

The international sports leagues proudly narrates the stories of bold women and men from India who are bringing laurels to our nation.

I really feel proud when I see our Indian athletes competing with the world! We all should!

So let’s just celebrate their passion and salute them and support them!

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