Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Dumb

You might be smart but it all goes in vain if you do not use the right words at the right time. Here are some misused words that can make you look dumb! So, watch it before you speak.

Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Dumb
Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Dumb | Image:favim.com

Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Dumb:

Accept vs. except:

They have different meanings although they sound same. The word accept means to take something willingly whereas the word except means exclusion.

Affect vs. effect:

Both the word not only sounds same but also can be used as a noun as well as a verb. The word affect means to have an impact on the other person or to influence someone. When there is a result out of some action or consequences it is the effect.

Lay vs. Lie:

We often use the word lie to recline or take rest. It also means to hide the truth or lie to someone. It can be done by self. Lay is usually referred for an object. Example: Lay the book there. It basically means to place something.

Bring Vs. Take:

Both the word refers to transport or take anything from one place to another. The usage of the word depends upon the situations and the way the speaker uses it in the context.  Example: Bring me the newspaper. Take the shoes from here. Both the words have different spellings and different pronunciation, but are usually confused with the usage.

Imply vs. Infer:

When you are suggesting something, you are implying things without saying it outright. When you are drawing a conclusion it refers to infer.  It is generally the speaker who implies whereas the listener infers.

Comprise vs. Compose:

Comprise  is to include something whereas compose is to make up.

Thus, there are several other words which might sound same but are different in their meanings. Do share your feedback with us and share such similar words.

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