Learn To Master The Art Of Communication

Learn To Master The Art Of Communication

Communicating is an art and it is an attempt in which one wants to convey the message to others, so that it is heard and understood appropriately. It is important for everyone to master the art of communication.

For the communication to be effective it is utmost required that the starting of it should be such that it makes the listener interested to hear it or understand it.

Learn To Master The Art Of Communication
Learn To Master The Art Of Communication

Learn To Master The Art Of Communication

The need of understanding the different factors, its use and aware of its techniques in communication will help in solving errors in communication. The basic divisions of these factors are verbal and nonverbal communication.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is carried out face to face through words exchange. The listener judges your communication skills by the words you speak and expressions you give. Words are powerful. So choosing the right word most suitable for any circumstances or situation is very essential. Carefully using the words without making any grammatical error is very important.

Confusing or negative words must be avoided, instead use the words of positive values.


The expanded vocabulary will give you added advantage. It will enhance your communication skills. It will draw attention and give positive mark to the communicator. Your vocabulary will show your education and the listener will be persuaded with you want to say.

Tone and pace

The tone of speaking is also important Just as important as what you say is how you say it. Change your tone as required to convey your message. Along with this the sentences or the lines spoken should not be too fast or too slow, but at the correct pace to make the listener completely understand the motto of your message.


Clearly pronunciation of words so that every word is understood is very much-needed in communication.

Effective communication with the right emotion, tone, pace and volume creates a lasting impression on the listeners mind.

Nonverbal Communication

Here are some of the most important factors that affect the art of communication.

Body languages

Hands movements, eyes gazing can be used in nonverbal communication to make people understand your motive and what you need. Arms should not be closed and it shows fear, opposition and closure.

Speaking Position

The position from where you are communicating, be it sitting, standing can affect communication a lot.

Finally, it is said that to bring effective communication one has to master the art of both verbal as well as nonverbal communication and be chosen among others in line.

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