How To Speak Well And Listen Better – Effective Ways That Work!

At times it happens that during any conversation or communication we speak and hear things not correctly. This is because of the many different kinds of distractions which make our focus get disturbed. But failure to communicate well can lead to many different kinds of disadvantages. Speaking properly and listening carefully is what is required most for effective communication in life.

How To Speak Well And Listen Better - Effective Ways That Work!
How To Speak Well And Listen Better – Effective Ways That Work!

The methods of speaking and listening better is possible through:

Straight thinking

When you want to convey messages your thinking should be straight and direct. Confused thinking could lead to disorganization and disturbances in communication. Prepare yourself first and then deliver messages and thoughts.

Saying exactly what you mean

Don’t try to nag or turn around topics to come to the point. Instead be direct and say what you want to say in the conversation.  Get to the point or the topic you want to discuss or say.

Being concise and real

Everyone likes to hear real and clear things. Instead of delaying or waiting for others to speak about the matter you start yourself. Use the shortest and the most known words and phrases to make people understand. Speak your words in simple language and be brief in describing issues. Be natural and clear in pronunciation.

Listening carefully

Listening with care to whatever is spoken with interest and concentration will help in providing the right solution. Hearing to what the other person exactly wants to say requires concentration and mind set. This will help in better communication.

Nonverbal signal are to be noted carefully

It is utmost essential to understand the non-verbal signals along with the verbal communication like avoiding eye contact, tapping feet, shrugged shoulder, hands closed. Every movement if predicted carefully will help to know what the other person is trying to convey.

Talking in the right manner

While communicating one should take heed that the voice should be heard and the messages are clearly understandable. For this the right use of words, grammar, pronunciation and tone is required. Mixing of different kinds of tones for different subjects in conversation will prove to be effective.

Preparing beforehand

Before you start to talk or listen to any conversation it is required that you are fully prepared for the situation. Do not include other things in your mind. Keep other things aside. This will help to talk and listen better without any other disturbances.

So the need for appropriate listening and talking in right manner will help in effective communication.

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