How To Read People Like An FBI Agent? Must Try!

First impression is the best impression and the moment you meet a stranger, you are already been judged. Your body language speaks a lot and research says that an opinion is made within 5 minutes when you meet somebody. Here are some of the best tips to help you out in reading people like an FBI Agent:

How To Read People Like An FBI Agent? Must Try!
How To Read People Like An FBI Agent? Must Try! |


If the hands are in praying position, it means that you are confident of whatever you are doing. You do not get  carried away easily and can take wise decisions. If you  are clenching your hands, it shows that you are stressed. If you are stroking the neck with one finger, it reveals that you are relieving stress.


If you are tapping your feet, you are nervous. If you are constantly looking at your feet, it is a sign that you are stressed and are in deep thoughts. If you are locking your ankles, it means that you are hiding your emotions or fear. People who jiggles their legs all the times are choosy with their answers.

Facial expressions:

Your face reveals your personality. Every minute details or expression has a meaning behind it. Raising your eyebrows means that you are excited. If you tilt  your head it means that you are comfortable with the person and are keenly listening to what the person is saying. If your eyebrows are rolling constantly it means that you are curious and are easily distracted. If you are crossing your arms, it means you are reserved and aren’t open to people easily.

Thus, there are signs that gives us an indication about the person that you are. If you are able to ready the body language of the person, it will help you to frame an opinion of yours. Do use these tips to know about the strangers.

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