How To Gather The Courage To Quit A Depressing Job- 5 Imp. Tips!

How To Gather The Courage To Quit A Depressing Job

A couple of days ago, I was reading a blog post about a list of things that you would regret when you are older. A couple of them happened to be: staying in an abusive relationship, spending an entire lifetime doing a job that you do not love and thinking about what others would think about you etc..

It was an eye opener, do not we spend most part of our life not doing things that can stimulate the cords of our heart and impose undue barriers on ourselves and stay tied up by so many invisible barriers!!

How To Gather The Courage To Quit A Depressing Job- 6 Imp. Tips!
How To Gather The Courage To Quit A Depressing Job- 5 Imp. Tips! |

Let us talk about how to muster the courage to quit a job that you feel struck up in.

1) Don’t worry:

Worrying too much about the what ifs often holds us back from staying in our current jobs, which might not be exactly what you had hoped for. Live by the design rather than default.Take out some time for introspection and think, is your current job profile or environment something that makes you feel happy and satisfied, at the end of the day. Please note, I am talking about the nature of your job and not the income you draw from it.

2) Regret?

Regret is one pain that would pinch you later in life. If your boss id too arrogant and makes you feel like trash each day, give it back to him and resign. Money is never more important than your peace of mind or happiness. Chances are, you surely will find another job, even if it pays a little lower than the current one but at least you will not be frowning or too mentally shook up when you reach home.You might subconsciously be venting out the frustration from your day at work upon your wife and kids. Why do we earn? To have a happy life with our family..right? Got my point?

3) Have a plan B

Thing about what worst could happen if you actually cal it quits at your present job. Having some back up like, savings in your bank account or a prospective job lined up could be smart ideas, just in case things do not work out exactly as you planned.Remember, If plan A does not work out, there are 25 other letters in the Alphabet.

4) Follow your gut

Follow your gut, it is rare, very rare that your Gut feeling turns out to be untrue. There is a feeble voice inside you that keeps guiding you as to what is the best for you and whether or not you should go ahead with it or not.It is our logical and analytic mind that always tries to overpower that guiding force.

5) Love what you do!

Doing what you love doing can take you to great heights. If you do not love your job, be it because of the kind of work you are allotted or due to lots of politics happening, the aura of the place or a insulting boss..Whatever the reason might be, if you do not love it, quit it. Creating your life around a job that makes you feel happy and fueled up is the key to having a satisfying life.

Instead of being too worried about the future, think about the present and make the most of it.You are not going to live for an eternity and if you are not happy in your right now!! What is the point about what the future would hold, anyways.

So, think about our little pointers if you feel tied up and unhappy in your current job and gather the courage to quit and move to something that touches the strings of your heart.

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