How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation? 5 Ways That Work

You cannot be successful if you are sleep deprived. You can work for longer hours but it cannot be as effective as you can make it. When you sleep, your brain removes the toxins from the body and makes you feel relaxed.

If you do not sleep the required hours your brain will function slow and you will be more physically as well as emotionally stressed. Here are ways to deal with it:

How to deal with sleep deprivation:

How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation? 5 Ways That Work
How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation? 5 Ways That Work |

No sleeping pills:

If you think you can take pills and sleep, you are just harming your body. It will take away the natural capacity of the body to sleep.And not to forget there are side-effects as well.

Stay away from caffeine:

We are so used to our regular tea and coffee such that we cannot stay away from it. Caffeine is said to interfere with the natural sleeping habit of the body and it creates an adrenaline rush.  Avoid taking any caffeine consumption after lunch.

Avoid blue light:

Most of the time we keep fiddling with the phone such that we forget how it affects the sleeping pattern. The blue light emitted by these mobile phones controls the mood and the energy levels  It stops the production of melatonin which is the sleep inducing hormones, thus deprives you from sleep.

Wake up at the same time:

This is the common mistake that we all make. We wake up at different times on different days. Thus, the body doesn’t know which sleeping pattern to follow. If you are consistent in following the a sleep time and a wake up time, you are sure to get sleep everyday.

Stop working:

When you are really sleep, stop the work and hit the bed before the sleep vanishes.

Thus, work in a balanced manner and let not your body be sleep deprived.

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