How To Be A Better Listener? 4 Secrets Revealed!

Being a good listener is very important. It reflects your personality and strengthens the bond with the one you are talking to!It is always told that listening is an art and one must take all the efforts to listen and not just hear. Here are 4 secrets that will help you to become a good listener:

How To Be A Better Listener? 4 Secrets Revealed!
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Passive Listening:

Here the listener doesn’t give complete attention to the speakers. He or she just partially listens to answer or respond to the commentary. You are a passive listener if you are multitasking or are trying to focus on other things when the conversation is on. Thus, try avoiding this.

Active Listening:

It is good to be an active listener as you are completely listening to the speaker. If you are an active listener, you can always connect to what the speaker is talking about. You can also participate in the discussion. But, sometimes active listeners tend to start thinking of the next question or the next process that the speaker might speak.

Global Listening:

As a global listener, your complete body and mind is with the listener. You are keenly listening to the speaker and your eye contact reveals about it. You will be focusing more on the tone, the pauses, the meaning and so on. Thus, you will be engaged in the moment.

The Mindfulness of Listening:

As a listener, you must focus on your mind. There are times when you are just physically present, but are mentally absent. So go back to your mind and if there are any deviations, bring it back to the conversation or listening to the speakers. You need to work on your concentration to increase your listening power. Do not interrupt in the midst and wait till the entire speech is done by the other person. You can also make a note of the valuable points to improve your listening skills.

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