How Junk Emotions Are More Harmful Than Junk Food

How Junk Emotions Are More Harmful Than Junk Food

Psychologists say that junk food and emotions are to be treated in the same manner. Now you would wonder how, but let me tell you that in a lot of ways, these 2 situations can be related.
I obviously won’t deny the fact that we need to have healthy food to be healthy. But to attain 100% health, we need to be psychologically healthy as well. Junk emotions are harmful to us in the same way junk food is.

How Junk Emotions Are More Harmful Than Junk Food
How Junk Emotions Are More Harmful Than Junk Food |

To have good psychological health, the following steps can be given a try.

1. Maintaining a personal diary

Writing our thoughts in our personal dairy will help us to identify which emotion is junk just like junk food. And we get to know how to filter that junk from our minds. We will be able to focus on our healthy emotions and stay happy. Personal diary acts as a companion which will avoid us from carrying junk emotions and keep only the positive ones.

2. Seeing relationships as products

Before buying food in a store, we always see the contents of it and judge if it has more of junk or more of nutrition. In the same way we must be able to see relationships as products in a store. We must be able to identify which relationship gives you junk emotions and which ones give you positive vibes.

3. Add labels to the people you know

I know you cannot just start prioritizing or ignoring people but putting labels and identifying which ones give you junk satisfaction and emotions can help your psychological health in great ways as you will know to be away from such people. You can then spend your time and efforts for the people who make you happy and not take you for granted.

Psychological health is no rocket science and can be attained. Remember, we are responsible for our happiness.

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