How Being Single Is Much Most Costlier Than Being In A Relationship

The state of being single is synonymous to bliss to many of us. People often brag in front of everyone that they are loving being single and do not want the encroach of any other human in their life. They even show that they do not find the concept of soul mates very cool. To some people, staying single means they can have everything they want all to themselves and no person is there to bug them up with questions.

How Being Single Is Much Most Costlier Than Being In A Relationship
How Being Single Is Much Most Costlier Than Being In A Relationship |

It is true! But then I read something which made me question myself about my binge money spending.

Being Single v/s Being In A Relationship

Researchers have led to the fact that when you are leading a life single and all by yourself, things can get much costlier than it would if you are spending life with a partner. Sometimes, as studies narrate, the amount could even sum up to a generous $7,500!

The main reason that creeps up behind the singles spending a lot more amount of money is the psychological state that they can do anything with their money. Moreover, who can ignore the voluptuous shoppings, decked up night outs and late night parties with friends? We tend to spend money in a lavish way when we are with our friends.

On the other hand, couples are much more focused on the long-term stability. They are more prone to spend money when they really need it. Couples in serious and long-term relationships often think and plan about the future and this is what makes them save up for the later times.

So, all the singes out there, it is high time that you thought about the boy or girl next door and start thinking of some way to save your money up for the future. HaHa! Just imagine, how constructive it would be if you could save all those money you spent big time with your friends?

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